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While the activities and stresses of modern life affect different people in vastly different ways, headaches are a common complaint. Nearly one in 20 adults reports suffering a headache daily, or almost daily, and one in seven is affected by migraines. Worldwide, nearly one-half of women and more than one third of men periodically suffer from what is characterized as a tension headache.
Because headaches are so common, they are often ignored or simply attributed to stress, treated with a pill and forgotten. Headaches, however, do not have to be a way of life. If frequent or severe headaches threaten to affect the quality of your life, let us help. We offer a variety of treatment options such as Chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic massage, joint mobility exercises, electrical stimulation, low level laser, and more.
There is very little reason for you to live a life plagued by headaches. If you would like to greet each day with a smile rather than a dull ache in your head, schedule an appointment today? Let's work together to make those headaches a problem of the past.
The sooner you call, the sooner we can help!