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Soothing Deep Tissue & Swedish Massage Therapy

For massage therapy that helps you relax and soften overused, tired, and injured muscles, turn to the professionals at McKinley Chiropractic Center. Based in Danville, Virginia, we offer trigger-point, reflexology, therapeutic, deep tissue, and Swedish massage therapy for patients looking to reduce stress and relieve pain.
Back massage — Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage in Danville, VA

Experienced Massage Therapists

Massage therapy focuses on the manipulation of soft tissue — muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia — for increased healing, enhanced functioning of the body, the promotion of well being, and relaxation. At McKinley Chiropractic Center, our highly trained therapists provide customized massage services to fit your individual needs by incorporating various techniques in each session. There are many benefits of massage, including:
• Improves Blood & Lymph Flow as Nutrients & Oxygen Are Delivered to Local Areas; Breathing Improves,
Which Assists Lymph Drainage & Improves Immune System
• Improves Muscle Tone by Mechanically Stimulating Natural Reflexes Found within Muscle Fibers
• Improves Elimination of CO 2, Metabolites, & Waste
• Improves Mood
• Increases Flexibility & Strength
• Reduces Stress & Helps Relieve Headaches & Migraine Pain
• Enhances Sleep Quality
• Reduces Depression & Anxiety
• Releases Natural Hormone Endorphins That Work as the Body's Natural Painkiller

Insurance Coverage

Most health insurances cover massage therapy, as well as some Medicare secondary insurances through retirement, such as Goodyear™ or Corning™. Please contact us to see if your insurance covers this therapy.
Contact us to receive healing with our Swedish and deep tissue massage therapy.